The Brief Introduction to Extrusion Line of PE Pipe

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German-designed extrusion Extrusion Line of PE Pipe. The U (North American high-end) series of extrusion equipment is the latest series of products developed and manufactured by our company according to the North American standard high-end configuration, adopting the latest European advanced technology and aiming at the demand and operation habits of the North American market. It is the latest PO pipe solution in the North American market, equipped with a 36–40 super-long diameter ratio extruder, European-brand servo traction control, and heavy-duty chip-free circular cutting. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high speed, high automation, energy savings, and environmental protection. According to North American market demand, our company has successfully developed a complete set of pipe extrusion equipment with a maximum diameter of 2500 mm. In addition to conventional pipe production, it can meet various special requirements, such as super-thick wall pipe and multi-layer composite pipe, according to different configuration schemes.

Since 2007, GRAEWE. FangLi Technology is one of the leading integrated high-tech enterprises with R&D and manufacturing of plastics extrusion line equipment: Extrusion Line for Solid Wall Pipe, Extrusion Line for Structured Wall Pipe, Extrusion Line for Special Application Pipe, Extrusion Equipment of Solid Wall Pipe, Individual Equipment of Solid Wall Pipe Extrusion Line, etc.As a model enterprise in the equipment technology arena, GRAEWE. FangLi has currently established various commercial divisions, namely, Extrusion Line for Solid Pipe, Extrusion Line for Structured Wall Pipe, Extrusion Line for Special Application Pipe, PP Melt-blown Fabric Manufacture Equipment, Auxiliary Equipment, realizing diversified development in the equipment manufacturing industry. The global manufacturing bases of GRAEWE. FangLi span across the whole of China and outside of China. Besides, the total land in the world is over 100,000 sq.m and it has more than 200 employees.

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