HYSapientia Air Fryer Ovens 15L With Rotisserie Mini Oven

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Convection oven countertop with trendy new design, smart LED display, and stepless knob that is easy to use Cooking may be done all at once, conserving room in the kitchen, thanks to the built-in three-layer 15-liter capacity. The outside is made of stainless steel, and the interior has an aluminized diamond-shaped liner that is not only fashionable and odor-free but also easier to use and clean.

Delicious and Visible: The mini oven air fryers are outfitted with the most cutting-edge visualization furnace lights, independent temperature controls for the upper and lower heating tubes, NTC electronic temperature control, PID temperature control chip, 360° adjustable high-speed hot fan, and cooling air outlet. This allows you to take advantage of the visual feast that cooking brings while preparing delectable food.

Multifunction All-In-One - Air fryers, ovens, dehydrators, toaster ovens with small volume and high energy (Air Fry, Rotisserie, Broil, Steak, Fish, Pizza, Bake, Toast, Unfreeze, Dehyrate), 10 cooking modes, all easily done, ideal alternative to air fryers, ovens, dehydrators, toaster ovens, etc. One machine is multi-purpose, saving money, time, and worry.

Safe and Secure - Mini ovens electric, grill, and air fryers use double-layer insulation glass, safety insulation strip, and cotton for the box and handle insulation, intimate anti-scald widening handle, 1700W motor heating at 230°C, using VORTX technology to rotate convection hot air at high speed, no oily smoke, and strong penetration, in accordance with food-grade safety certification, cooking food is healthy and effective, the taste is more crisp, and the fat is reduced by

Full Accessories Satisfaction Service: HYSapientia also provides 8 considerate accessories (Rack, Crumb Tray, Baking Pan, Oven Rack, Air Fryer Basket, Rotisserie, Oven Gloves, Manual) for your air fryer oven with rotisserie, making more possible. The huge air fryers come in a vibrant box and are wonderful Christmas presents. Contact us if you have any questions about our products.

HYSapientia This brand name is composed of “HY" and "Sapientia." “HY” is pronounced as “Hi”, and “Sapientia” means“ Wisdom” in Latin; it is also called “HYSa” for short.

Say “Hi” to “Wisdom” — HYSapientia was born in a highly intelligent society, and we noticed the traditional way of cooking leads to time and energy waste as well as unhealthy eating habits. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating smart, safe, and efficient kitchen appliances in order to achieve the goals of easy cooking and healthy eating.HYSapientia embodies our conviction that there is value in bringing comfort and convenience to every person who uses our smart products. We also believe that the wisdom of our group will provide a brilliant experience and illuminate your life.

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