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Types of spanner wrenches


A spanner wrench is a type of hand tool designed for turning fasteners, typically nuts and bolts. It is called a spanner in British English and a wrench in American English. Spanner wrenches come in various designs, each tailored for specific applications and types of fasteners. Here are some common types of spanner wrenches:

1. Open-End Spanner:

  - This type has U-shaped jaws that grip two opposite faces of the nut or bolt. Open-end spanners are simple and versatile but may provide less contact area, making them more prone to rounding off the fastener.

2. Box-End Spanner (Box Wrench):

  - A box-end spanner has a closed loop (box-shaped) at both ends, providing more contact area on the fastener. It helps prevent rounding off the corners of nuts and bolts. Box wrenches are available in both single and double-ended configurations.

3. Combination Spanner:

  - This type has one open-end and one box-end on the same wrench, offering versatility for different applications.

4. Adjustable Spanner (Adjustable Wrench or Crescent Wrench):

  - Adjustable spanners have a movable jaw, allowing the tool to adapt to various sizes of nuts or bolts. The adjustable wrench is known as a crescent wrench in some regions due to its crescent-shaped head.

5. Ratcheting Spanner:

  - Ratcheting spanners have a mechanism that allows the user to turn the fastener without removing the wrench from the nut or bolt. This design is beneficial in confined spaces where a full swing of the wrench may be challenging.

6. Pipe Wrench:

  - While not commonly referred to as a spanner wrench, the pipe wrench is worth mentioning. It's designed for gripping and turning pipes and round objects. It has serrated jaws and an adjustable mechanism.

7. Hook Spanner (Pin Spanner):

  - Hook spanners have hooked jaws and are designed for turning slotted retaining rings, such as those found on bearings, hydraulic cylinders, or other machinery components.

8. Adjustable Hook Spanner:

  - Similar to the hook spanner but with an adjustable feature, allowing it to fit different-sized retaining rings.

9. Strap Wrench:

  - A strap wrench uses a flexible strap or chain to grip and turn objects. It is particularly useful for turning irregularly shaped or delicate objects.

Spanner wrenches come in a variety of sizes and are made from materials like chrome-vanadium steel for durability and strength. The choice of the right spanner depends on the specific application, the size of the fastener, and the accessibility of the work area. Always use the correct tool for the job to ensure safety and prevent damage to fasteners.

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