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Here are common CNC machined parts made from steel


Steel is a versatile material commonly used in CNC machining due to its strength, durability, and machinability. CNC machining allows for the precise and efficient production of a wide range of steel components. Here are common CNC machined parts made from steel:

1. Shafts and Pins:

  - CNC machining is used to produce steel shafts and pins for various applications, including those found in machinery, automotive systems, and industrial equipment.

2. Fasteners:

  - Bolts, nuts, screws, and other fasteners are commonly CNC machined from steel for use in construction, automotive, and general manufacturing.

3. Brackets and Mounting Plates:

  - CNC machining is employed to create steel brackets and mounting plates used in industrial machinery, electronic enclosures, and structural components.

4. Housings and Enclosures:

  - Steel housings and enclosures for electronic devices, sensors, and machinery are often produced through CNC machining.

5. Valve Components:

  - Various components of valves, such as bodies, stems, and flanges, can be CNC machined from steel for applications in plumbing, industrial, and hydraulic systems.

6. Gears and Gear Housings:

  - Steel gears and gear housings are CNC machined for use in various machinery and mechanical systems where strength and durability are essential.

7. Automotive Parts:

  - CNC machining is used to create various steel components for automotive applications, including engine parts, brackets, and suspension components.

8. Tool and Die Components:

  - Steel is commonly used for manufacturing molds, dies, and tooling in CNC machining, providing the strength and wear resistance necessary for these applications.

9. Hydraulic Components:

  - Parts for hydraulic systems, such as pistons, cylinders, and connectors, can be CNC machined from steel for durability and reliability.

10. Aerospace Components:

   - Steel is used in the aerospace industry for components such as brackets, panels, and structural elements. CNC machining ensures precision in these critical applications.

11. Custom Industrial Parts:

   - CNC machining is employed to produce a wide range of custom steel components, including shafts, bushings, bearings, and structural elements.

12. Electronic Connectors:

   - Steel connectors for electronic applications, where durability and strength are required, can be CNC machined with precise tolerances.

13. Pump Components:

   - Components for pumps, such as impellers, casings, and shafts, can be CNC machined from steel for applications in fluid handling.

14. Railway Components:

   - Steel components, such as brackets, fittings, and fasteners, are CNC machined for use in the construction and maintenance of railway systems.

15. Consumer Products:

   - CNC machining is utilized to create various steel components for consumer products, including appliances, electronics, and machinery.

CNC machining of steel involves selecting the appropriate steel alloy based on factors such as strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, and other application-specific requirements. Proper tool selection, cutting speeds, and feeds are crucial for achieving precise machining results with steel.

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