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General guide on how to insert AM labels


Inserting AM (Acousto-Magnetic) labels refers to attaching or embedding AM security labels onto merchandise for theft prevention in retail environments. AM labels are a type of electronic article surveillance (EAS) tag that utilizes acousto-magnetic technology to trigger an alarm if someone attempts to exit a store with a labeled item that hasn't been properly deactivated or removed at the point of sale.

Here's a general guide on how to insert AM labels:

1. Select the appropriate AM label: AM labels come in various shapes and sizes. Choose the label that best fits the merchandise you want to protect. Some labels are designed for clothing, while others are suitable for hard goods.

2. Prepare the merchandise: Ensure that the merchandise is clean and free from any debris or interference that might affect the adhesive or the performance of the AM label.

3. Apply the AM label: Peel off the backing of the AM label to expose the adhesive side. Carefully affix the label to the merchandise in a location that is inconspicuous but ensures good contact. Common locations include the interior of clothing or inconspicuous areas on hard goods.

4. Activate or deactivate as needed: Before leaving the store, make sure that the AM labels are either activated or deactivated based on the store's system. Activation makes the label active and ready to trigger an alarm if not properly deactivated during checkout.

5. Remove at the point of sale: At the point of sale, the cashier uses a deactivation device to either deactivate the AM labels or remove them, depending on the store's procedures.

It's important to note that AM labels are just one part of an EAS system, and they work in conjunction with acousto-magnetic security gates installed at the store entrance/exit. If an active AM label passes through the gates without being properly deactivated or removed, it triggers an alarm.

The use of AM labels is a common practice in retail environments to deter theft and protect merchandise from shoplifting. Retailers often employ various security measures, including EAS systems, surveillance cameras, and security personnel, to create a comprehensive security strategy.

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