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Silicone Gloves: environmentally friendly silicone gloves


Silicone Gloves are harmless to human body, resistant to high and low temperature, steam and boiling, and are environmentally friendly. General Silicone Gloves with novel and unique styles, good quality and affordable price. Silicone Gloves -- essential Silicone Gloves for life heat insulation and anti-freezing, English name sillcone glove, also known as silicone heat insulation gloves, silicone microwave oven gloves, silicone anti-burn gloves, etc. The material is environmentally friendly silicone. Different from conventional Gloves for hand warmth and labor protection, Silicone Gloves are mainly used for heat insulation and scald prevention. Suitable for home kitchen and cake baking industry. Manufacturing process is, oil press high temperature vulcanization molding. Silicone products.

Features of Silicone Gloves

1. High temperature resistance, up to 250 degrees.

2. The product material is soft and comfortable to touch.

3. Non-stick water, non-stick oil, easy to clean.

4. for oven, microwave or refrigerator, etc., are no problem, easy to freeze and high temperature environment.

5. a variety of color specifications, novel style, fashion forward.

6. the material used is 100% food grade silicone raw material.

7. good toughness, not easy to tear, can be repeatedly used, non-stick, easy to clean.

Silicone Gloves nursing mode

1. After the first and each use, wash with hot water (diluted edible detergent) or in the dishwasher, do not use abrasive detergent or foam cleaning. Make sure the cups are thoroughly dry before each use and storage.

2. The silicone cups should be opened separately on flat baking sheets during baking. Do not let the mold dry bake, for example, a six-piece mold, you only fill three molds, the other three molds must be filled with water. Otherwise the mold will burn out and its service life will be reduced.To achieve the best baking effect, lightly spray a small amount of non-stick baking pan oil on the surface of the silicone cup before baking.

3. When baking is complete, remove the entire baking sheet from the oven and place the products on a rack to cool until completely cold.

4. Silicon cup can only be used in ovens, ovens and microwave ovens, never directly used on gas or electricity, or directly used above the heating pan or under the grill.

5. Do not use knives or other sharp instruments on the silicone cup, do not weigh, pull, violence.

6. Silicone mold (because of static electricity), it is easy to absorb dust, a long time when not in use, it is best to put in a box, placed in the shade.

7. Do not rinse with cold water immediately after the oven, in order to prolong the service life.

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