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Silicone bowl becomes sticky after long-term use. What are the core factors that cause Silicone bowl to become sticky


Silicone bowl is now considered an indispensable everyday item in our lives. It is favored mainly because of the characteristics of the material and the function of the product. However, a good thing will always have its problems, even the best thing will have its defects. Besides sharp substances and strong alkali, silicone bowl also has certain defects in viscosity, which has certain disadvantages for silicone bowl, leading to a decline in consumer experience and utilization rate. What is that?

Silicone product material belongs to synthetic rubber, by a variety of compounds added. Therefore, the viscosity, odor, life and aging speed of products can be adjusted by raw materials. The phenomenon of sticky dust and debris is mainly due to the nature of detailed molecules of silicon dioxide, which has strong adsorption strength.

In general, the adsorption strength of raw materials is unavoidable, but it is possible to control its viscosity!

The stickiness in use has a certain relationship with use. Since silicone bowl is exposed to oily liquid for a long time and soaked for a long time, its internal structure of Silicon hydroxyl chain is too active, such as the proportion of white carbon black, uneven addition of reinforcing agent and water. Therefore, it is necessary for organosilicon manufacturers to reduce the activity of silicon chain when making raw materials. The activity of silicon hydroxyl chain in the molecular structure of silicon hydroxyl group is significantly reduced, thus reducing the adsorption strength.

The second kind of silicone mold belongs to the secondary treatment mode, which is produced by different processes in terms of raw materials. It needs to undergo secondary processing at silicone bowl factory, where color glue and forming curing agent are added before Silicone Bowl is molded at high temperature and by oil pressure. Therefore, there is no conflict between the vulcanizing agent and the release agent in the mixing of the rubber and silicon, resulting in adhesion phenomenon.

The hardness of a product has a lot to do with viscosity. The adsorption strength of silica gel material can be distinguished from the viscosity. The adsorption strength of high hardness products is not as strong as that of low hardness products, so the softer the product, the stronger the adsorption strength. Silicone rubber products mold also has related factors. For example, improper surface treatment of silicone rubber products surface brightness, adsorption strength is greater.


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