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How to avoid Wood Flooring traps?


More and more consumers are choosing Wood Wood Flooring. The varieties and prices of Wood Wood Flooring are also high and low. How to choose Wood Wood Flooring? Faced with a variety of Wood Flooring products and a variety of quotation methods, we should avoid the Wood Flooring purchasing trap.

1. Accessories trap

When selecting Wood Flooring, we all pay more attention to the quality and price of Wood Flooring. However, for supporting accessories, such as the quality of the shoe line, buckle and other products are not too concerned. Some friends even think that, anyway, it is a gift of things, the amount is not big, there is no need to be too serious. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, such as some inferior skirting line deformation and loosening when the temperature changes or damp, it will directly affect the beauty of the whole room. And the amount of kicking line is not small, if there is excessive formaldehyde, the whole home environment will be polluted.

2. Wood Flooring installation traps

Wood Flooring is the best part of Wood Flooring for installation, because if there is a problem and you say it's Wood Flooring, they will say it's installation and not their business, it's hard to tell.

At the same time, it is important to note that do not believe the manufacturer of professional installation. To control costs, dealers typically don't pay to train workers themselves. Instead, they hire teams from the building materials market. That is to say, the same installer can represent different brands to the door installation. So the purchase must require businesses to send many years of construction experience of the master installation.Be wary of additional charges from workers during the Wood Flooring installation, such as spraying to prevent Wood Flooring bugs from getting eaten.

3. Wood Flooring specifications trap

There seems to be no difference between the specifications of 1-2mm in Wood Flooring, which no one can notice, but only this 1-2mm difference is 10-20 yuan.

4. Wood Flooring color problem

Some of the Wood Flooring commercial panels are not good boards, there are holes, cracks, etc. The manufacturer will apply a deep color on them, so that not only the color is bright and beautiful, but also the problem of the original boards will be covered.

5. Distinguish between Wood Flooring products

Wood Flooring is generally divided into three flooring types: scientific name, commercial name and common name. Common name is the name we made in daily life. Commercial name is the name made by the merchants themselves, which must be distinguished clearly during purchase. For example, if you want to buy red sandalwood Flooring, you will have to make it clear whether you want to buy red sandalwood or red sandalwood, because red sandalwood is not necessarily red sandalwood, it's just made of red sandalwood color.


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