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High frequency rectifier how to match Water Chiller?


Electronic and electrical industry, high frequency rectifier is a kind of rectifier device, small size, light weight, high efficiency, used in electrolysis, experiment, oxidation, galvanized, corrosion and other precision surface treatment places. And usually high frequency rectifier working process, coil will emit a lot of heat, seriously affect its operation, poor heat dissipation will cause the rectifier heat, performance decline, and even cause electrical accidents.

Generally, the temperature of the rectifier is above 5 degrees and below 30 degrees. In the normal operation of the high-frequency rectifier, air cooling or air cooling, water cooling and oil cooling are usually used. These two ways are used more.

High frequency rectifier how to match Water Chiller?

Generally, according to the size of the rectifier, and then according to the Water Chiller refrigeration range can be selected Water Chiller specifications and types. Generally equipped with standard Water Chiller1 to 2 cooling capacity, the use of air-cooled Water Chiller to make cold water, and then through the built-in pump, the cold water and high-frequency rectifier built-in cooling pipe for hot and cold circulation, take away the working heat, to achieve the goal of cooling.

So what are the advantages of air-cooled Water Chiller?

1, the air-cooled Water Chiller group has a reliable protection device to avoid too long equipment or improper operation, causing unit failure, usually equipped with phase loss/reverse device, compressor overload device, water shortage alarm, high and low pressure protection device, low temperature, anti-ice protection device can start the protection device at the first time, Avoid re-damaging the Water Chiller.

2, air cooled Water Chiller temperature control.

Precision air cooling module Water Chiller or integral screw type Water Chiller, can meet the requirements of various refrigeration industry temperature, from 30 degrees to negative 50 degrees, and even below negative 50 degrees. By manually adjusting the temperature control panel Settings, we complete the high frequency rectifier heat dissipation work.

3, the application of energy saving and environmental protection technology.

Power loss is the characteristic of all mechanical equipment. Under the condition of ensuring performance, try to use frequency conversion, energy saving configuration, or operation mode, which is conducive to equipment energy saving and cost saving method.

The air-cooled Water Chiller can be customized frequency conversion and adopt high quality cooling material, which is conducive to realizing the overall energy saving of the equipment.


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